How to improve English? – An innovative guide with resources

Now that you are reading this blog, I guess you are already familiar with English. But there is no end to improvement, right? Before answering How to improve English, there is something I would like to begin with.

We all belong to different societies and so we speak contrasting languages. Every language is beautiful in itself, may it be Hindi, French, Chinese or any other. But we all need one language to connect without any mediator. I know we say – ‘Our heart connects us’ and it does, but let’s be practical, to converse with each other, we need a language that everyone is aware of.

And we all know, English has emerged in such a way that it has become ‘The Universal Language.’ From career opportunities to successful ventures, English undoubtedly plays a vital role. Hence, this blog is for all those who seek to enhance their English.

It’s digital era and there are a plethora of resources available on the internet, you just need to dedicate yourself. There are videos, guides, e-books, blogs, courses and a lot more. But okay, you don’t need to put in extra effort as we have involved almost everything which you need to improve English, in this blog.

So, now comes the question, How to improve English?

You already know about the four pillars of the roof called English. (Don’t I sound smart?) Okay, good.

So, the four pillars are reading, writing, speaking and listening. Most of us already know this but there is always a particular method to practice everything and we are here to discuss exactly that. And yes, I have more methods for you apart from these four.

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Let’s begin and know how to improve English –

  • Don’t just read, focus –

Read anything that interests you. It can be magazines, articles, novels or anything you like. Make sure whatever you read, you read it with concentration and apprehend in which tense the context is written? Where the articles have been used? Do everything that can refine your grammar. Also, ensure when you read, you understand it and don’t just read because you have to. As they say ‘Never lie to yourself’.

Sometimes, read specifically to improve English.

  • Boost your vocabulary –

While reading, whenever you come across a new word, find out its meaning either in a dictionary or you can just google it. Try to use that word throughout the day, if nothing, talk to yourself and bring up a topic in which you can use that word frequently.

I won’t say, learn 5-10 new words every day. No! Not at all. But do practice one new word every day. This will positively boost your vocabulary.

  • Write a little, every day –

Most of you aren’t interested in writing but it can really fasten your learning. Every day, take a topic and write your opinions about it. When you are done with it, ask someone better to review it or just use online tools to work on mistakes. The more you write, the more your brain gets accustomed to the grammar and variation of this wonderful language.

There are plenty of free online websites to check grammar such as Grammar Check, Grammarly, Reverso Speller etc.

  • Speak with someone better –

Look out for someone whose English is more thorough than yours and have some conversation with them whenever you can. Ask them to guide you if you make any mistake. Now it’s your turn to remember and not to repeat that mistake.

If you notice, I haven’t said, talk to yourself and practice because in that case, who would point out your mistakes?

  • Listen to podcasts –

This is one of the best approaches to enhance English. You can find a number of podcasts online, in fact, there are many podcasts regarding English improvement particularly. But then, it’s not necessary to hear that, you can listen to any podcast that interests you either a traveling story or a self-improvement one or whatsoever goes with your taste.

Listening will fill your brain with accurate English grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciations so it’s one of the most helpful strategies.

  • Watch English videos with subtitles –

Now by this, I don’t mean any random video in English. I precisely mean videos related to learning and improving English. You can also watch English movies or series but it isn’t easy to improve English in that way. Either you can read subtitles or watch scenes and when you start gaining interest in the movie, you stop reading subtitles and just focus on the scenes so that’s not going to help. (uh-huh) That happens with you, right?

How to improve English


But still, movies and series are interesting and watching them in English would somehow help you only.

Now again, don’t just watch, concentrate and understand and use whatever you have learned, throughout the day while having a conversation with yourself.

  • Think in English –

Here comes my favorite one. It isn’t for grammar or vocabulary but for your fluency. Yes! When you develop a habit of thinking in English, you practice structuring sentences by yourself and it improves your fluency. Now don’t use poor or informal English while thinking, else it won’t make sense.

Try to use new words that you have already learned while thinking in English. Okay but please, don’t become an overthinker. (yeah)

  • Speak in front of the mirror –

I recently read somewhere, ‘face yourself before you face others.’ Let’s use this here. Now again, this isn’t to improve your English. As I said earlier, if you would make any mistake, who would correct you? So, speaking while looking at the mirror is just to build your confidence and to practice what you have already learned.

There will be no judgments and no one would be able to shake your confidence.

  • Know the correct pronunciation –

I used to make pronunciation mistakes a lot. There are words like genre, subtle and some more which I always pronounced incorrect until my friend told me the correct version. This is embarrassing! Believe me. I still didn’t believe her so she asked me to google it. Google is the best (aha).

So yeah, whenever you add a new word in your personal dictionary, always google its pronunciation and stick to it.

  • Comprehend idioms and phrases –

This is surely going to make your conversation colorful. Learning idioms or phrases isn’t a ‘piece of cake’ but tell you what, you are going to be on ‘cloud nine’ when you will be able to describe your thoughts or any situation with the perfect idiom or phrase. It’s something I love to do though I don’t know much of it.

It will not only level up your conversation but will also make it fun and interesting.


Enough about how to improve English, now let’s check out the resources which will assuredly benefit you–

Books –
Podcasts –

Download one of these applications.

YouTube channels –
Telegram channels –

Telegram application can prove to be a very helpful app if you know how to use it.

Websites –
Free Courses –
Apps –
Facebook pages/groups –


Well, to conclude, I would say, either people, books or music, just surround yourself with English. The more English you will have around you, the more English you will have within you. (wow)

Pro tip –Don’t get offended if someone corrects your mistake, instead ask them to guide you through. Ask for feedback, always. That’s how you are going to improve.

Just stick with it. What seems so hard now will one day be your warm up.

Please share this guide with your friends who are willing to improve their English. It will surely help them.

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