21 Strange Phobias I Hope You Don’t Have

You would never know what strange phobias you possess if you won’t read this blog until the end. (Good strategy – no!) But I really hope you don’t have any.

So, what are you afraid of boys?

Now please don’t answer, “ugh! I am afraid of heartbreak.” I mean dude, seriously?

What about you girls? Oh, wait! I know.

The youngest cousin of Komodo dragon. No?

I mean lizards, “Oh noooooooo! That lizard is going to jump on me and will probably eat me.” I mean come on Miss, that’s not anaconda. (Oops)

Okay now coming back to strange phobias, we are not talking about the fear of lions or rattlesnakes, though they are frightful.

In this blog, we have mentioned such strange phobias which are so bizarre that you won’t believe they exist.

First, let’s know what exactly phobia resembles?

Thoroughly explained by Medical News Today, “A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder that causes an individual to experience extreme, irrational fear about a situation, living creature, place, or object.”

So, let’s begin.

21 Strange Phobias –

1. Nomophobia –

Fear of being without a mobile phone or not being able to use it because of low battery or absence of signal.

I know how much people love their mobile phones but having a phobia of being without a cellphone, that’s insane.

According to YouGov research, “Half of the smartphone users carry their phones with them when moving from room to room at home.”

I hope you don’t have this phobia because it sounds less like a phobia and more like an obsession.

21 strange phobias

2. Ombrophobia –

Fear of rain

Some people may not like walking in rain, getting all drenched and repeating dialogues like, “I walk in the rain so that no one could notice my tears.” But having a fear of rain, this sounds unusual.

Kids with this phobia come back home whenever they notice the color of the sky changing to dark and they even start crying. It’s important to help them overcome this phobia.
Fear of rain

3. Triskaidekaphobia –

Fear of the number 13

Seriously! There are many people who consider number 13 as an unlucky number but having a fear of number 13 is unbelievable. I mean what wrong can a number do to someone?

The person with this fear feels anxiety when exposed to the sight or even just the thought of number 13.

strange phobias

4. Ablutophobia –

Fear of bathing and cleaning

There are so many people who don’t bath every-day. They are happy with dry-cleaning, but having a fear of bathing and cleaning is totally different.

The cause for this phobia can be a traumatic past event which can’t be recalled exactly. It’s most common in children.

Fear of bathing and cleaning

5. Geliophobia –

Fear of laughter

A completely opposite scenario from ‘laugh your heart out’ moments. It’s almost impossible to believe that many people are suffering from this phobia.

The symptoms vary from person to person. Confronting the fear of laughter may cause shortness of breath or excessive sweating in some people.

Fear of laughter

6. Pogonophobia –

Fear of beards

And I thought every boy/man loved beard. Well, I read somewhere, “Your character tells the world you are a real man. Your beard is mostly the exclamation point.”

Anyway, this fear is generally found in females who just can’t stand the sight of a man with a beard.

Fear of beards

7. Somniphobia –

Fear of sleep

Now just because you are an insomniac or you spent your whole night watching tv series or playing games or working on a project doesn’t mean you have this phobia.

Somniphobia is one of the most extreme phobias which usually affect one’s daily life. The thought of falling asleep can even cause panic attacks.

strange phobias

8. Neophobia –

Fear of new things and experiences

A number of people fear new experiences or trying out something new but not every one of them is going through this phobia. That is just a normal human tendency to fear changes.

But there are many who actually can’t handle anything new. They just keep repeating their routines. People suffering from food neophobia don’t even try any new food.

9. Kakorrhaphiophobia –

Fear of failure

Something you are already aware of, I guess. Every single person at some point have faced this fear but those who overcame it became champion in their respective manners and fields.

While there are a plethora of homo sapiens who are still stuck with their fear of failure. Counseling could be a great help for those facing Kakorrhaphiophobia.

10. Eisoptrophobia –

Fear of mirrors

Storm of questions might be arising in your mind too? Right? Like how would a person with this fear comb his hair or watch how he looks or dress.

Well, it’s indeed a rare phobia. Though, there are treatments like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and also Medication techniques.

11. Phonophobia –

Fear of loud sound

I have seen people losing their temper over continuous loud noises but have never seen someone who is afraid of loud sound. I wonder how difficult it is for them to manage.

A roaring thunderstorm may cause panic for a second or two but people with this fear are even afraid of sudden alarm sound or popping balloons.

12. Thalassophobia –

Fear of the ocean or deep, open water

Well, this phobia actually sounds like a phobia. I mean, there are a number of people who are afraid of ocean or open water. Whenever they face deep water, rough thoughts start whirling around their mind like, what if an alligator attacked or what if I got drowned.

Phobias related to the natural environment tend to be one of the most frequently experienced phobias among people. Professional therapy is always recommended to those facing this fear.

13. Cibophobia –

Fear of food

Strange, isn’t it? You must be thinking, there is no life without food and water so how can a person have such kind of phobia? Actually, fear of food doesn’t mean they don’t eat food. It’s just that they are afraid of specific food items.

Some people avoid a certain type of food because they think it will harm their body or it will lead to weight gain etcetera.

14. Decidophobia –

Fear of Making Decisions

Can you relate to this phobia? I am not saying you have this phobia but we all can at some point relate to this fear of taking decisions. Right?

But what if I tell you, there are people who just can’t make a decision regarding anything. They try their best to avoid situations like these. Although, this kind of phobias can be treated easily with some guidance.

15. Nyctophobia –

Fear of the dark

Nyctophobia is not exactly about the fear of the dark but what’s lurking behind the dark. Whenever Nyctophobics come across the darkness, their mind gets attacked by horrific thoughts.

A number of people experience this phobia but there are some who get so petrified that they end up fainting.

16. Gamophobia –

Fear of marriage

For some, marriage is a sacred bond while for others marriage is a scary bond. This fear is usually caused by personal insecurities or past experience.

Many people don’t want to get married because they think, marriage would limit their freedom. This phobia isn’t a big deal though. It can be easily left behind with the help of friends and family.

Fear of marriage

17. Anuptaphobia –

Fear of being single

Completely opposite to Gamophobia, fear of being single can also be found in many people especially youngsters. Many a time, they don’t even care if they are in a toxic relationship, they just don’t want to be single.

I hope you are not one of them.

strange phobias

18. Atelophobia –

Fear of imperfection

I am sure you don’t have this phobia because you like scattering clothes and things here and there in your room. Right? And if you do possess a habit of touching perfection in every task, it’s good, and it definitely doesn’t mean you have Atelophobia.

Still, there are few who just can’t think of anything else till everything looks perfect to them. They just can’t afford to make mistakes. It makes them feel restless. They would rather do nothing than doing something imperfectly.

strange phobias

19. Cynophobia –

Fear of dogs

But I thought dogs are man’s best friend. Well, I was also afraid of dogs when I was a kid. Anyway, Cynophobia is not as common as Arachnophobia i.e. fear of spiders.

Cynophobics choose to avoid paths where they see any dog. This fear is usually caused by a negative experience with a dog, especially during childhood.

strange phobias

20. Mageirocophobia –

Fear of cooking

A large number of the population don’t prefer cooking but that surely doesn’t mean they have Mageirocophobia. It just means they are either lazy to cook or they got millions to spend at hotels.

Well, cooking is fun in its own way but Mageirocophobics don’t think so. They are afraid of the whole cooking process or they are worried about cutting their fingers.

strange phobias

21. Obesophobia –

Fear of gaining weight

So, are you an Obesophobic? Certainly not, because the thought of gaining weight can push an obesophobic to take extreme steps. This kind of people ends up starving themselves for days.

They follow their diet strictly and don’t even eat at restaurants. This is truly bizarre and should be taken care of.

Fear of gaining weight


All the strange phobias listed above can be cured with the help of friends, family, doctors, counselors, and therapists. There are certain treatments like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Exposure Therapy, and Medications.

There is no need to worry for it’s not difficult to overcome these phobias. Most of these are a result of either past traumatic experiences or genetics.

Now I truly hope you don’t have any single phobia but if you know about any more such strange phobias, do comment below.

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“When you explore your fears then you set yourself free.” ― Stephen Richards


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