Winter Hacks – From Clothing to Skin Care and more

Winter is here. Are you excited? Well, I am. Anyway, tell me something? Do you tease your family with cold hands? Because I do. And yes, just to double your winter fun, we have listed below few winter hacks – from clothing to skin-care and more so that no virus would dare to touch you and you won’t have to worry about the dry skin.

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Winter Hacks – From Clothing to Skin Care and more

1. Cracked heels –

We all face this issue. Right? Well, It’s not a big deal. Trust me! The path to soft heels is not that far. You won’t have to hide cracked heels at any time of the year if you follow these winter hacks –

  • Exfoliation – Have you heard about pumice stone? If not, search now. In fact, buy now. Rub organic soap or liquid soap on your feet and then scrub it with the pumice stone for a minute or two. Repeat this frequently. After a few days, you would assuredly notice the disappearing of cracks. Do use moisturizer after washing your feet and please don’t scrub harshly.
  • Moisturizer – Use coconut oil or aloe vera gel as a moisturizer for your dry skin and especially feet. It helps retain moisture into the skin. With their anti-oxidant properties, these two acts as a shield against dryness in winter.Click here to buy Organic aloe vera gel

winter hacks

2. Remove sweater pills –

It breaks our hearts when we see our good old sweaters with pills all over. But not to worry now. We have a solution for you. By following this simple method, you can de-pill your sweater and wear it again like a new one.

  • What you have to do is, use a cheap razor. Place your sweater on a flat surface. Pull the fiber with one hand without stretching it a lot and use the razor gently on the surface with the other hand. Clean your razor after every few attempts. That’s it. Your sweater will be all ready to go with your swag.

3. Sun tan & Exfoliation –

During the winter, getting tanned is inevitable. I won’t say, stop going out at this time or that time or cover your face and all. Nope. During winter, Vitamin D is as important as the warmth of the sun. So, let’s go out and let the sun shine on us without mulling over getting tanned.

  • Now let me suggest you something with which you can remove all the tanning gifted by the winter-special heat. Tan won’t disappear in a day; it may take a week at least. So have patience and enjoy the sunshine. You can mix gram flour with curd or raw milk and rub that all over your tanned skin and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash it afterward and you will notice the changes in a week.
  • You can also exfoliate with the same. Use gram flour with curd or raw milk and use it regularly as a face wash and scrub. As the gram flour particles are not that harsh so exfoliating regularly for 2 minutes won’t harm your skin.
  • Now next in the list is Papaya. Well yes, using the peel of papaya would not only exfoliate the dead skin but will also improve the skin tone. Just rub it for 5 minutes and then wash it. Again, it will take a little time.
  • You can also use Biotique Papaya scrub which is truly a commendable organic product. As I already told you, papaya is intended to remove dead skin and tan. You can also read the reviews and then decide if it’s worth giving a try to this product.
    Click here to buy Biotique Papaya Scrub

4. Chapped lips –

Doesn’t it concern you every now and then? But we have got an old age remedy which would definitely cure your chapped lips.

  • Ghee (Purified Butter) – I first thought not to mention it because we all are already aware of this. Our grandparents and even their grandparents have used ghee for chapped lips and that just worked great always. But then, this is a reminder for all of you.
  • Next is to exfoliate your lips because dead skin is there too. You can mix brown sugar and honey and then rub it gently on your lips for two minutes. Leave it as it is for 5 minutes more and then wash it off. Do this twice a week and don’t forget to moisturize your lips with ghee.
  • Lip balm, obviously. But the question is, which one? I have been using Vaadi lip balms for a long time and I am loving it. Seriously! They are also chemical-free which is a bonus and they come in different flavors like peach, orange, strawberry etcetera. Try out yourself once.
    Click here to buy Vaadi lip balm

5. Remedy for Cold and Flu –

Let’s head on to one of the most important winter hacks. Gulping too many medicines is never a good idea. So why not use some home ingredients this winter to cure cold and flu. Do you agree?

  • Boil a glass of water and add grated ginger, 3-4 drops of lemon and a teaspoon of honey. Boil all the content for a couple of minutes. Now please don’t drink immediately and burn your throat but also, don’t let it cool down completely. Drink in between and sleep immediately. Apparently, this remedy works well but you may have to use it for 2-3 days.

6. Hot water bag –

Hot water bag always comes to rescue when we have muscle pain but you know what, we are going to use it in a different way to keep ourselves warm.

  • Here’s the idea – You can keep hot water bags all over your bed for a few minutes before going to sleep. Because otherwise, you may feel that instant cold.

7. Golden milk –

This is not just for winter. I would recommend drinking golden milk every single day of the year. But definitely, this one is the best remedy for winter health issues. Okay now bursting the bubble of suspense, golden milk is none other than turmeric milk.

  • Should I really mention the ethereal charm of drinking hot turmeric milk every night because there are so many? The benefits may cover up a lot of space of this blog so to cut short, turmeric milk can even prevent the growth of cancer cells. You don’t believe me? Well, here’s the research. It’s a natural liver detoxifier and blood purifier and a lot more. But yes, you got to drink it regularly, that’s the only condition. Else, just leave it on turmeric milk and see how miraculous it is.

8. Include hot soup in your diet –

Because its winter and hot soups would not only satisfy your yummy cravings but will also decongest the respiratory system. A bowl of soup is also going to fill your tummy with nutrients.

9. Wear dark clothes –

Light colors reflect heat which keeps our body cool so we should wear light colors in summer whereas dark colors absorb heat hence it is recommended to wear dark-colored clothes in winter.

10. Basil leaves –

For many of you, tea is a cup of joy. Right? I would suggest adding grated ginger, 3-4 black pepper and a few basil leaves in it while it boils. Ginger clears throat, black pepper increases circulation and basil leaves acts as a natural defense against germs, viruses, and stress.

Bonus tip – You can re-use your old sweater in several ways. For instance, you can create a shoe sole with it to keep your toes warm, if you don’t like wearing socks.

So, we have covered the main winter hacks which would keep you warm and fit as a fiddle. Now it’s your turn to follow religiously.

Happy winter!

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