Trendy Slang Words for Everyday Interactions

Would you like to modernise your vocabulary and add some zest to everyday discussions? Well, Slang words are a great way to connect with others on a more informal and relatable level. Using slang words will not only add colour to your communication but will also make it fun.

These slang words will undoubtedly level up your interaction, whether you are just casually talking with your friends and siblings or struggling to craft catchy social media captions. Slang words reflect social trends and are easy to use.

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Let’s master the art of expressing yourself in a cooler way during everyday interactions with 25 interesting slang words –

1. Lit – Amazing, lively or impressive

  • That party was lit, man.
  • The atmosphere is lit.
  • Tonight’s plans are going to be lit.


2. Extra – Overexcited or Overdramatic

  • Her reaction was way too extra for such a small problem.
  • The presentation was extra, with flashy animations and music.
  • He’s so extra with his workout routine, posting gym selfies every day.


3. Ghosting – The act of abruptly cutting off all communication with someone

  • She ghosted the group chat and hasn’t been in touch since.
  • I hate when people ghost without explanation.
  • He ghosted her without a second thought.


4. FOMO – Fear of Missing Out

  • He’s always saying yes to plans because of FOMO.
  • Her constant updates on social media gave me major FOMO.
  • I’m trying to enjoy the moment without worrying about FOMO.


5. Flex – To show off, whether status, skills or accomplishments

  • He keeps flexing his muscles at the gym.
  • She flexed her skills.
  • Their vacation photos are total flex.

6. Bet – Word to use instead of okay or to express agreement or confirmation

  • Do you think you can finish this large pizza all by yourself? “Bet I can!
  • I bet you didn’t expect to see me here!
  • You think he’ll take the job offer?” “Bet he’ll jump at the opportunity.


7. Slay – To compliment or encourage someone

  • He slayed the interview and got the job on the spot.
  • She slays with her confidence; she owns every room she walks into.
  • Did you see her Instagram post? She’s slaying in every photo.


8. Basic – Boring or something lacking in originality

  • The party was fun, but the playlist was so basic.
  • The movie was all right, but the plot was pretty basic and predictable.
  • Their taste in fashion is basic; they only wear what’s trendy.


9. GOAT – Greatest of All Time

  • Usain Bolt’s speed and dominance in sprinting make him the track and field GOAT.
  • Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic are often debated as the tennis GOATs.
  • He is the GOAT at dancing.


10. Bae – Before Anything Else

  • Missing my bae while they’re away on a business trip.
  • Netflix and chill with bae is my favourite way to spend a Friday night.
  • Bae and I are planning a trip together next month.

11. Stan – Admiring someone or being a big fan of someone

  • I Stan Taylor Swift because her music speaks to me on a personal level.
  • He’s a hard-core tech Stan, always keeping up with the latest gadgets.
  • He’s stanning for self-improvement and reads a new self-help book every month.


12. Dope – To describe something excellent, cool, or impressive

  • Have you seen the latest Marvel movie? It’s dope!
  • His artwork is truly dope; he’s so talented.
  • You are dope.


13. On point – Something that is exactly right or extremely good

  • His outfit is on point today.
  • The flavours in this dish are on point.
  • Her response to the question was on point; she didn’t hesitate.


14. Tea – Gossip

  • I need to spill the tea about the drama that unfolded last night.
  • Spill the tea! I want to know what really happened at the party last night.
  • She’s always the first to spill the tea about celebrity scandals.


15. Chillax – Chill + Relax

  • I can’t wait for the weekend so I can finally chillax and unwind.
  • I love inviting friends over to chillax and watch movies together.
  • When life gets too hectic, it’s important to find time to chillax and recharge.

16. Keep it 100 – To be genuine and honest

  • I trust him because he always keeps it 100 and never sugar-coats things.
  • I appreciate it when someone can keep it 100 even when it’s not easy.
  • She keeps it 100 in her work.


17. Lowkey – Something that is not too obvious or secretly

  • I’m lowkey tired of all the drama; I just want things to be peaceful.
  • We’re lowkey planning a surprise trip for our parents’ anniversary.
  • I’m lowkey interested in learning Spanish; maybe I’ll start taking classes.


18. No Cap! – Being honest with whatever they say

  • I aced that exam, no cap!
  • Her new song is Fire, No Cap!
  • He’s the funniest guy I know, no cap!


19. Hangry – Hungry + Angry

  • He’s always grumpy when he’s hangry; it’s like a different person.
  • Sorry for snapping at you earlier; I was hangry.
  • I’m getting hangry; let’s find a place to eat soon.


20. Savage – Something that is tough, fearless, or merciless

  • The internet troll left a savage comment on her post.
  • Her dance moves were absolutely savage; she owned the dance floor.
  • The rapper dropped some savage rhymes in his latest track.

21. Glow-up – Positive Transformation

  • She had a major glow-up after learning to love and accept herself as she is.
  • His cooking skills have had a serious glow up; his meals are now of restaurant quality.
  • I can’t believe his glow-up after hitting the gym consistently for a year.


22. Throwing Shade – Indirectly insulting or criticizing someone

  • I don’t appreciate you throwing shade at me in front of everyone.
  • Stop throwing shade at her outfit; everyone has their own sense of style.
  • They’ve been throwing shade at each other on social media for weeks.


23. Sus – Suspicious

  • The sudden change in plans seems sus; I wonder what’s going on.
  • That website looks sus; I wouldn’t trust it with my personal information.
  • The way he’s avoiding my questions is sus.


24. Epic – Extremely Impressive or Outstanding

  • The hike was epic, with breathtaking views at every turn.
  • That movie had an epic plot twist I did not see coming.
  • That was an epic moment when they announced her as the winner.


25. Salty – Upset or Irritated

  • She’s salty because she didn’t get the promotion.
  • He’s salty because he missed the bus and was late for work.
  • She’s salty because her friends went out without her.

I hope your conversations will become crispier now. So, which slang terms do you intend to implement into your daily interactions?

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