Plan a trip to Nepal – It’s both fascinating and affordable

Let me begin this blog with the very transparent line – I have never been to Nepal. But, I have read so many blogs about Nepal. I have heard a lot about it. Also, I have seen a number of amazing travel videos which shows how awesome would it be to plan a trip to Nepal.

The best thing about visiting Nepal is, it’s not only a beautiful destination but also easy on the pocket. Yippeeee!!!!

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Nepal, ‘A sacred land’ –

Nepal is located in South Asia, neighboring India and China. Whether you are looking for some adventure, culture, nature or peace, Nepal has everything for you. From mountains to monks, it’s a place which is fun to explore.

To actually enjoy the flavors of Nepal, hike through the beautiful forests, trek to the hilly trails and witness the magnificent landscapes. The crystal-clear lakes of Nepal and plants like orchids and laden rhododendrons will undoubtedly amaze you.


Nepal has a lot to offer. Let see, why should you plan a trip to Nepal?


All yours, Adventure –

The youth always looks for adventure when they plan a trip. Well, Nepal is not going to disappoint you for sure. What do you want for adventure? Trekking, Hiking, Canyoning, Climbing, Bungee jumping, Kayaking, Paragliding, Biking. Just name it and it’s there. Head on to Pokhara and enjoy being adventurous.

With such majestic scenery around, it offers rugged trails to Everest and beyond. You will find yourself around most breath-taking landscapes which will not only blow your mind but fill your heart. If you are not a trekker, easy walks or hiking is surely going to soothe your mind.

There are also many incredible base camp treks in Nepal including the top-most Everest base camp trek. Also, Annapurna Base Camp Trek is quite popular. People also love to experience Kanchenjunga and Makalu base camp treks as it offers a heavenly view.


Know the culture –

To dig a little deep into Nepal’s culture, Kathmandu is all you need to visit. It is said that the true spirit of Nepal lies in Kathmandu. Nepal’s culture is as fascinating as it’s landscapes. Peace will surround you when you will hear the sound of mantras throughout the street.

A journey to a different country is always incomplete if you don’t take out time to feel their culture within you. Observing the life of people as well as monks will show you a very peaceful and spiritual face of Nepal. And this is what makes Nepal, one of the must-visit destination.

Now, culture not only includes their way of living but also involves their personal touch. By that, I mean Nepal’s famous cuisines. Most of us already know that Nepal is famous for the most delicious momos. But, if you are not a momo person, you can always give a try to Dal Bhaat. Yeah well, Dal bhaat of Nepal is absolutely delicious.


Wildlife awaits –

Well, I already told you Nepal has a lot to offer. So next on our exploring list is Wildlife of Nepal. The south part of Nepal has a large variety of wild animals. The diverse bird species of Nepal will make you admire it more and more.

The jungle safari in Chitwan National Park will add some remarkable wild memories to your trip. The highlights of this park are the Asian one-horned rhinoceros and the nocturnal Royal Bengal tigers.

And to witness the heavenly views of mountains, go to Sagarmatha National Park. It is also famous for the endangered plant species and diversity of birds. Not only this, World’s highest peak Mt. Everest lies here.

Crystal-clear Lakes –

Do you love to watch sunset sitting near beautiful lakes? Well, Nepal has over 200 lakes to make your sunsets and sunrises a lot more magical.

Trip to Nepal
Photo by – Anjali Mehta
World Heritage Sites –

Nepal will fill your journey with some phenomenal architectures of a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The beautiful streets of Nepal will not bore you for a second. You will be astonished by the palaces, pagodas, monasteries, ancient cities and a lot more.

Astounding examples of Nepal’s finest Newari architecture are Durbar Squares. Apart from these, there are many glorious structures like Boudhanath Stupa and The Monkey Temple. If you wish to observe Buddhist ceremonies closely, these places are the way to go.


Feel like a friend –

A travel experience is always unaccomplished if you haven’t connected with local fellows. And, the Nepalese will not disappoint you when it comes to hospitability. They will always welcome you with a smile on their face, which surely is going to make your day more wonderful. To really feel their friendliness, go a little off-beat and explore some incredibly aesthetic villages like –

  • Lumbini –

We all know that Gautam Buddha was born in Lumbini, Nepal. There is also a temple named Maya Devi symbolising Queen Maya Devi who gave birth to Buddha. It is a pilgrimage for Buddhists.

  • Bandipur –

Exploring a village is like exploring the true spice of the place. Bandipur has its own charm. The lush trails of Bandipur would add a little sparkle to your trip.

  • Bhaktapur –

Bhaktapur is said to be the preserved place in Nepal. The Durbar Square is known as the essence of Kathmandu. It is one of the most famous historical sites of Nepal. Bhaktapur is also famous for Pashmina.

  • Patan –

Patan is located on the bank of the Bagmati river. It is known for its spectacular temples. Patan is home to one of the finest place of Nepal, Durbar square.

There are many such places which you would love to visit. To know about them, read this detailed article about Nepal by Lonely Planet.


Everest – once in a lifetime –

Well, I know, not everyone is interested in trekking or climbing. But, visiting Nepal and returning without the memorable view of breath-taking sceneries will be something you might regret later. Now you must be thinking, what is the option then?
Well, I already told you, Nepal will never disappoint you in any matter. Yes! You can capture the most heavenly views in your memory as well as the camera by taking a scenic flight. You read it right. Different local airlines from Kathmandu let you fly above the clouds over snow-clad mountains surrounded by exquisite lakes, glaciers, and landscapes.


Now the most important point which is considered by many is the cost of traveling. Well then, get ready to plan a trip to Nepal.


Pocket-Friendly Nepal –

Nepal is surprisingly one of the most affordable destinations to visit. Trying Nepal’s cuisine, experiencing their culture or even exploring the mountains will fall very easy on your pocket. I read an answer on Quora regarding the cost of a trip to Nepal which might interest you.

Do you know, Nepal was hit by an earthquake in 2015. However, everything is getting back on feet.


Let’s know some more facts about Nepal –


Nepal covers 0.1% of the earth’s total land surface and is home to:

  • 35 types of forest
  • 3,808 glaciers and 1,466 glacial lakes
  • 9.3% of the world’s bird species
  • 4.5 % of the world’s mammal species
  • 2.7% of the world’s flowering plant species
  • 1.6 % of the world’s reptile species
  • 1% of the world’s fish species

and many more…

Nepal is truly one of the most fascinating destinations which everyone should visit once in a lifetime. No matter, if you seek for adventure or peace. Here are some tips one should know before planning a trip to Nepal, as mentioned by World Nomads.

‘We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls’. – Anais Nin

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