How to conserve wildlife species? What can we do?

Many of the Wildlife species are on the verge of extinction. Either because of their skin which is used in many products or because of hunting, deforestation, loss of habitat, pollution, and many more reasons. So today, we are going to discuss, how to conserve wildlife species?

We should care about conserving this species as they not only balance our ecosystem but also make our ecosystem very healthy. Without them, we may face a lot more problems than what we are already facing.

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Here are some ways in which humans can conserve wildlife species –


  1. Reforestation or should we say Stop Deforestation

Flora plays a vital role in the conservation of the ecosystem as well as for wildlife species. It provides food for many animals but if trees and plants will be cut down for human needs then there will be a very critical situation for animals to get food and area to live in. So, it’s our duty to plant trees as many as possible and maintain ecological surrounding for every species. The government should issue a law to plant one tree before cutting another. So that, the wildlife doesn’t have to suffer from deforestation and also to maintain the balance of the ecosystem.


  1. Drive carefully and save lives

Many animals get killed because of the careless driving of people. One should take care while driving from rural, remote or forest areas as you never know when a wild animal will come in front of your vehicle. So, it’s your responsibility to drive carefully while traveling from such areas. Your awareness might save many lives.


  1. Participate in ending cruelty to animals

Since many “sports” and “entertainment” use animals with harmless intentions, after money plays its role in the picture, animals are then abused behind the scenes. Circuses should be boycott as they beat and force animals to perform cruel and painful tricks to earn money. Imprisoning animals in the zoo just to gain profit from people who come to gawk should be banned as Animals are meant to live a free life in forests around greenery. Instead of planning a day at the zoo, plan a tour to the wildlife sanctuary where animals can be seen in their natural habitat.


  1. Stop using chemicals fertilizers in fields

Chemical fertilizers are used to kill the pests and fungal but in some ways, they are also responsible for the killing of several species too. People are increasing the use of toxic chemicals in their fields to increase the food productivity unaware of the damage it is causing. Chemicals have adverse effects on waterways caused by chemical run off of the excess fertilizer causing harm to water bodies. Also, the continuous use of chemical fertilizers on soil depletes the soil of essential nutrients. We have many alternatives to chemical fertilizers but people choose to go for the easiest and cheapest way. They don’t think about the harmful effects of it. Using chemical fertilizers will not only harm plants and animals but also humans so stop using it.


  1. Never purchase products made from the species

While making any kind of purchase please make sure that it’s not made by harming any animals. Its beauty might catch your attention but always keep in mind that if you are purchasing it, then you are supporting the killing of endangered species. Many of the products like ivory, turtle shell etc are being sold at black market. So, please avoid purchasing such products to conserve the wildlife species so that your future generation can get the chance to see such rare species.


  1. Stop using plastic products

A large number of sea animals die every year because of plastic bag litter as they consider plastic bags as food. They cannot break down plastic in their digestive system which leads to a slow and painful death. We humans can save these animals if we swear never to use plastic products. So, whenever you visit any store make sure to carry your own bags and reuse containers.


  1. Make people aware of endangered species

Many of our nation’s valuable plants and wildlife resources have been lost and lot more other species are close to extinction. From the little creatures in the backyard to the bats that pollinate plants and control the mosquitos by eating them, many of our daily habits at home affect these creatures. The very first step is to make yourself as well as others aware of your surrounding and different species present nearby you.


  1. Recycle the products

Recycling things not just keep hazardous substances away from wildlife but also keeps surrounding clean. Whether it’s cans, paper or plastics, recycling is surely one of the easiest and the best thing one can do to help the environment and well as animals. Every city has a recycling center where they can contact for recycling. Recycling also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, size of landfills and preserves non-renewable resources which indirectly help all living organisms.


  1. Management of Industrial waste & pollutants

According to National Geographic, approximately 500,000 water birds are killed every year due to oil spills. When birds unknowingly reach on an oil spill, the oil covers their feathers sticking them together. Birds who attempt to clean their feathers will often ingest the oil and become ill or even die from poisoning. Water pollutants can also reduce the amount of oxygen in the water that eventually kills the fish. Dyes from garments factories and waste from tanneries end up in the rivers which pollutes water which harms water bodies. When someone sets up a new industry, they should contact private organizations working in the field of waste treatment. The industries need to outsource the waste material to them.


  1. Provide appropriate food, water, shelter, and nesting sites

Many of the animals and plants provide great service to backyards which we don’t notice. Many native wasps and fly species control insect pests we see on our plants and even decompose organic wastes. Small reptiles feed on small insects which we wish to get rid of such as mosquitoes. One should stop using chemical fertilizers to enhance wildlife in gardens. The best way to attract birds is to provide them with food and water. Though, it will take little time for them to become frequent visitors to your yard but eventually they will.


Wild animals are an essential part of our natural ecosystem and as an intellectual part of this ecosystem, it’s our duty to contribute in our way for the betterment of it.

how to conserve wildlife species


The wildlife and its habitat cannot speak, so we must… – Theodore Roosevelt

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