Are you aware of these facts about Gmail address?

All the people who are reading this blog are well familiar with Gmail account but are you aware of all the facilities which are provided by Gmail email account. Some of you might be quite familiar with it or some of you might not. So, just take a look at it once what you were missing all these days.

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Following are the features of Gmail account which you were not fully aware of.


  1. Gmail is case-insensitive

Gmail Id is case insensitive mean is same as the and ASKINGMINDS1@GMAIL.COM.

You won’t need to worry about the upper and lower case of alphabets.


  1. Gmail ignores periods (dot)

Another feature of Gmail is that it ignores the periods. It means that Gmail doesn’t care wherever you enter the dot (.). Gmail just ignores it. Even if you enter the dot mistakenly, you won’t have to worry about it.  It’s also quite convenient for people if they want to distinguish their name and surname by a dot.

For Simplification let’s take an example: is same as the and You can put a dot anywhere you want in the username. It’s totally up to you where you feel convenient to enter.


  1. Use Plus(+) ( to create an infinite number of email address )

Gmail also ignores the + sign and the string followed by a + sign. It means if you write a mail to or then it will deliver to only.
Some of you might be wondering? What’s the use of using plus sign when Gmail ignores it?
So basically, it’s used for filtering. If you want to organize your mail account very effectively then it’s the best way to do it or if you are getting mad by receiving continuous emails from some site even after unsubscribing that website account. You can create separate email Gmail id for separate categories, for example, news, Facebook, Job Portals, some unnecessary sites etc.

Let’s take a live example to make it very clear to you guys. Here we are sending a testing mail to account.

So, if I don’t want to receive any kind of mail which is in the name of then we will apply the filter for that person. To apply the filter you just have to select that mail by clicking the checkbox and then just click on more drop-down menu and select Filter messages like these option.

After clicking filter option another window will be open. You just have to click on Create filter with this search which is shown at the bottom of the rightmost corner.

After that, you have to choose appropriate options to perform the necessary action for future incoming emails and click on Create Filter. Now you have successfully applied the filter to your emails.

So, if you want to see whether the filter is properly working or not? We will send another test mail to

It’s clearly visible to us that, the previous mail has been sent to trash according to applied filters. Actually, we applied the filters i.e. skip the inbox and delete it.

You won’t have to worry once you have applied the proper filter according to the requirements.

If you are having any query regarding this then you can mail us or you can comment below.

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