How to copy 0 bytes size CD?

Hello guys, have you ever faced any kind of trouble while copying the CD or wondered how to copy 0 bytes size CD? Let’s know how it’s done.


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If it’s showing 0 bytes then you can’t write and delete anything to or from CD.


All the files on CD will display the 1KB size. So, If you want to copy such CD’s within your system then just follow the easy steps of this blog:



What are the two different ways to copy the 0 byte CD?


  1. Using Windows Media Player
  • Open Windows Media Player
  • Select CD drive (leftmost corner: the highlighted portion in an image)
  • Select the songs which you would like to download.
  • Then click on Rip CD to start copying the audio file



  • Songs will start Rip process once you clicked. The Ripped song will be saved to a library (Music).



  1. Using PowerISO

What will you do if it’s not audio CD? So, theirs alternate option to copy the data CD. You just need to have Power ISO software. You can easily get it from the internet. Follow the steps for copying the CD.

  • Download PowerISO (skip this step if you’re already having this)
  • Install and Open Power ISO
  • Click on Copy and Select Make CDDVD/BD Image File… option



  • Select the destination folder location and file name.


  • Your CD image will get created at the specified location.
  • You can open or extract the files from an Image file using PowerISO.


Use any process whichever you feel is convenient for you and Enjoy.

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