20 iPhone tricks you should definitely know (part 2)

Like we promised you earlier, here is the second part of 20 best iPhone tricks. Not only it will make your work more efficient but also let you feel like a techno-geek.

Without any further delay, let’s explore numerous hidden iPhone tricks that you might be unaware of.

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1. Level an item

If you ever come across a situation when you want to hang a photo frame or level an item at a certain degree then there’s nothing to worry about. iPhone provides an in-built function of the level gauge. Open Compass app > swipe to leftward direction > Now, check the level according to your requirement.

2. Keyboard Symbol trick –

You might be using an iPhone from prolonged time but did you ever thought that adding a symbol while typing will be convenient enough? Actually, it’s pretty effortless than you think it could be. The usual process is a bit hectic where you need to click on 123 button to insert any symbol and then on the ABC button furthermore to continue writing. Instead, just hold the 123 button and then slide your finger over symbol whichever you wish to add. Once the symbol is added, the keyboard will revert back to its original position i.e. ABC keyboard mode.

3. Jump to the top by a single click–

If you have a long list and if you need to access top photos or emails then you don’t have to scroll the entire list. Just click on the top of iPhone screen. Tada… that’s it.

4. Cancel or Silent incoming call –

Are you a beginner iPhone user and don’t know how to cancel or silent the call while your iPhone is locked? Just press the power button once to silent the call and twice to cancel the call.

5. Keyboard tips –

There are many iPhone symbols hidden within the keyboard which you might not have discovered yet. Tap on 123 button, then click and hold on any symbol, for instance, $ (dollar sign) or ₹ (rupee sign) symbol to find other currencies.

6. Get detailed Calendar view –

To see the detailed view of your appointments, just open the calendar app and turn your iPhone horizontally.

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7. Double tap on caps lock button to turn it ON –

Isn’t it quite simple? Well, many are not aware of this feature. You just need to double tap the caps lock button TO ENABLE THE CAPS LOCK OPTION. If it’s not working at your end then go to Settings > General > Keyboard. And make sure that Enable Caps Lock is active.

8. Automatically stop music with timer –

Would you like to doze off while listening to your favorite playlist without closing it off? Then from now on, you don’t need to bother at all, an inbuilt timer app will do it for you. Click the Clock icon and then tap on Timer tab which is situated at the bottom panel. Click on the ‘When Timer Ends,scroll down and select the Stop Playing. It will automatically stop the music player after the end of specified set time.

9. Lock camera autofocus –

Do you really get annoyed when your camera keeps autofocusing, again and again, and again? Now, it’s time to lock it down. While the camera app is open, touch and hold your finger on the camera screen until the yellow square on screen blink twice. It will set the focus and will show the text on screen saying ‘AE/AF Lock’. This indicates that the camera focus is locked.

10. Change the Panorama direction –

You can change the direction of the panorama image by just clicking the direction arrow. Now, you are free to take the panorama photograph as per your preferred choices.

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11. Create a custom text shortcuts using Text Replacement –

Many times it happens that we need to type a long phrase repeatedly, for example, birthday message. Its genuinely boring task to do and even time-consuming. You can get rid of it by just following these easy steps: Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement. Click on the + icon which is situated at topmost right side corner to create a Shortcut for Phrase. Now, whenever you will type that Shortcut (e.g. birthday), you will get suggestions to paste the phrase i.e. whichever you have assigned for the particular Shortcut (e.g. Wish you a very Happy Birthday) and the Phrase will magically get replaced with it.

12. Smartly access your email draft –

Always be a productive user. Go to Mailbox > Press and hold the Compose icon which is placed at the bottom-most right corner. It will showcase you all the saved draft emails.

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13. Learn new vocabularies –

iPhone provides an in-built dictionary service which can be used to look up for the definition of any word at any time. While surfing on Safari, if you come across any novel word then click and hold on it. Select Look Up option and it will provide you with the definition. But, if you are using this feature for the first time then click on the Manage Dictionaries and select your favorite dictionary amongst the list.

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14. Smart Invert using Triple click shortcut –

This feature is mainly used to invert the color of your iPhone, for better visibility in low-light. Go to settings > General > Accessibility > Scroll down the list till the end and then click on the Accessibility Shortcut. Select the Smart Invert Colours from the list. Now, click the home button thrice to check out the changes.

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15. Hide Photos –

You can hide a photo from the people who have a bad habit of scrolling all other pictures, along with the one you are actually showing (Ugh!). To hide the image:

  • Go to Photos app
  • Click on Album tab
  • Open Camera Roll album and Choose a picture
  • Click on share icon (situated at bottom left-most corner)
  • Scroll right to left in bottom-most options and Select Hide > Hide Photo option.

Now, it will get deleted from Camera roll but it will be available in Other Albums > Hidden Album for future reference.


16. Set Auto Location –

Smartphones are smart enough to access and share your location. You can disable it manually too. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. It’s up to you now i.e. whom you allow accessing your location.


17. Adjust the scrubbing rate of video –

While the video is playing, you can drag the playing head to right or leftward i.e. forward or backward. Now just give it a try, adjust the scrubbing rate as per your wish.

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18. Get international letters –

Do you want to use a letter with an accent? Click and hold the button and select an appropriate symbol option from the list.

19. Use Speak Selection to read out loud –

To access this feature, initially, you need to enable it.

  • Go to Settings > General > Accessibility
  • Select ‘Speech’ from VISION section
  • Enable the Speak Selection
  • Select the Voice from the list of Voices given under Voices section

Select a script by clicking and holding on it or double tapping. A speak button will appear when you select text. Just click on it. Cool! Isn’t it?


20. Read aloud the text on the screen using Speak Screen feature –

Does reading mean boredom to you? Do you wish to listen rather than reading anything? If yes, then this trick is transparently for you. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech > Enable Speak Screen. You just have to Swipe down with two fingers from the top of the screen to hear the content of the screen. (Wow! This is the best)

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So, are you happy with the second part of iPhone tricks? Aren’t these iPhone tricks wonderful?

Do tell us which part is better and don’t forget to check out the first part – 20 iPhone tricks you should definitely know

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