New Year’s Resolution – to improve your quality of living

Looks like someone can’t wait to decide their New Year’s Resolution.

Wow! One more year passed.

Come on, Smile! A rollercoaster of emotions, experiences, opportunities, lessons, happiness, frustration and all in all a truckload of memories is now behind us and we are ready for some new and exciting adventures.

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Excited for the New Year, aren’t you?  After all the New Year is going to bring ample changes to you and for you. Sounds wonderful!

Wait a second!

Talking about changes, I remember something I read once, ‘What the new year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the new year’.

Okay! Okay!

So, this is why we make new year’s resolutions. Now I got it. (huh)

But then I also know that most of the people don’t carry their resolutions to even the second month of the year. Are you one of them? I hope not.

Breaking your new year’s resolution is no big deal but sticking to your new year’s resolution for the whole year indeed is. A deal that will probably push you further to a more positive path.

Most people don’t even like to take a new year’s resolution as they think it will eventually break. But tell me who is responsible for it? You, right? Because your level of excitement asks you to take a resolution which you won’t even go with for a month.

You can walk a whole year with your resolution if you make sure it is something you really want.

Now coming to new year’s resolution, if you are expecting resolutions like Drink more water, exercise regularly, focus properly on your work, care for your skin, give time to your hobby, learn something new etcetera, let me tell you, I have something different for you. Resolutions which one rarely goes for but are necessary.

Okay so without further due, let see what New Year’s Resolution would you like to go with.


New Year’s Resolution –


  • I will not judge people without understanding their circumstances –

There is a saying, “Don’t judge someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” Many of you might have a tendency to pass judgments on others without having a proper insight into what they are going through. It is easy to judge after all but what if you stop judging and start understanding.

Try not to believe rumors and moreover try not to spread rumors without landing on the actual truth. You have no idea what another person might be going through so stop judging. There are two kinds of people – one who judge and one who understands. You decide what kind of person you wish to be this year. Remember one thing, what you give is what you get.


  • Apart from my perspective, I will also respect other’s perspective –

Let me share with you an example that might help you understand. Suppose there is a stone in front of you. Now tell me what is its use? Some of you will say it’s used in the material to construct a house, some might say it’s used to spark the fire, many will say a big stone might be used to kill someone, someone will say it is used to break small things. See, so many perspectives.

We, humans, have an aptness to look at every situation from our perspective and blame others for everything. What we don’t do is understanding problems or situations from other’s perspective. Our perspective will always tell us that we are right but when we look from other’s perspective and try to comprehend a situation more clearly, we might realize that someone else might be right too. Even when the opinions are contrast, you should still give a chance to someone else’s perspective.


  • I will meditate regularly, no matter what –

Meditation is a practice which will undoubtedly change your life forever. It is a practice that trains your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. From stress-reduction to enhancing self-awareness, meditation will improve your living in every way.

Start with 2 minutes of meditation every day and continue it accordingly. You would notice positive changes within you for sure. In today’s hectic and stressful life, meditation will be your medicine without any side effects.


  • Difficult situations may come, I will see the positivity and be more optimistic –

Being optimistic is not only the secret of winning but also the secret of happiness. There are only a handful of people around who can look positively at every situation. In fact, there are people who have the talent to look negatively at every positive situation. (duh)

Being optimistic in every situation whether a heartbreak or a failure will not only lessen your suffering but also help you see beyond it. You can’t get stuck because of one bad phase as there are innumerable wonderful phases waiting for you.


  • No matter how hard the situation comes, I would never give up –

Never Give Up! An attitude which can transform your way of living. Like it is said, ‘Its always the darkest before the dawn’. Do you know about Nick Vujicic? An inspirational human being who kept going on no matter how many difficulties he had to face. He never gave up and now, the whole world knows him. You never know what amazing plans life has for you.

There will be times when you will feel like giving up or ending everything. Just tell yourself, it’s not the end. No matter what kind of failure you face, a broken relationship, failed exam, whatever it is, it’s not the end. Life goes on and in fact, I believe everything happens for a reason, for a better reason actually. Trust me! Never give up.


  • Admit it if you are wrong instead of arguing further –

It takes guts to admit that you are wrong. Do you have? There are times when you lose relationship because your ego won’t let you admit your mistake. You keep arguing further trying to prove yourself right though you know you are wrong. Is it really worth to lose a relationship or anything else because of your so-called attitude of ‘I am always right’?

I personally believe, thank you and Sorry are two highly effective words which should be used a little more. Apologizing for your mistake is something you should do more often. Not only you should apologize but make sure not to repeat it. They are very less pure relationships one has, never lose them to unwanted ego and arguments.


  • I will inculcate reading in my daily routine –

One of the most underestimated superpowers today is to read every day. From vivid imaginations to infinite knowledge, Reading is the key. While reading fiction transports you to a whole new fantasy world, non-fiction provides you what you are looking for.

You might already know, ‘Reading is to mind what exercise is to body.’ Think of reading every day as investing in yourself every day which will fill your garden of life with the most beautiful flowers. I am not asking for much, just an hour regularly would be enough for a life-changing habit.


  • It’s time for me to get rid of a bad habit forever –

Now this is tough, isn’t it? Changing your habit is never easy but it’s absolutely not impossible. All it needs is your willpower and there you go. I am sure you possess a habit that is imprinting a negative impact on you. It might be your anger, behavior, smoking or drinking habit, laziness or anything else. Just something which is not bearing you positive results but negative ones.

You know you need to change that habit, right? What are you waiting for then? Okay, I got it. You were waiting for New Year to make resolution of getting rid of your bad habit. So, here it is. Make sure whatever habit you ask yourself to leave behind, you never look back at it.


  • I would not let the shadows of past year disturb me ever again –

With oodles of happy moments, last year would also have thrown to you some harsh and miserable memories. As I told you before, whatever happens, happens for good. You might not recognize this now but you will surely understand it sometime later.

There is a saying, ‘Life goes on, so do you’ and ‘holding on to things only breaks your heart’ so it’s always better to leave some things as it is. Never let the past control your present as your present is what shapes your future. Leave the negativity behind. Start fresh.


  • Okay now, this one is for everyone – Bath daily!

Haha! What? This must be the most difficult resolution for you. Most of you will ignore it, I know. (blah)


  • This one, you cannot miss – Replace PUBG with something worthy

Now, this is the best new year’s resolution you actually need to work on. What say?

New Year's Resolution

Okay, no more leg pulling. So, these were some resolutions I think one should work on.

And think before committing to your new year’s resolution. Don’t make a resolution like, ‘I would eat junk food just once a month’. Are you serious, I mean? If you can, go on. But tell you what, I definitely can not.

Commit to something you undoubtedly will follow for the year. Just trust the magic of beginning. It will gift you everything you need.


  • Okay, now here’s something interesting for you –

Take an empty jar and make a habit to add a note weekly about a good thing that happened to you. It may be some improvement in yourself or your work or your life. It may be a new experience that taught you something or anything worth remembering. Keep adding note till the end of the year and open the jar a day before the new year begins to recollect all the wonderful memories you had the whole year. Isn’t that fantastic?


Welcome New Year with a bright smile and let the amazing experiences flow your way.

Happy New Experiences!

Happy New Opportunities!

Happy New Lessons!

Happy New Year!

And so, the adventure begins.

Tell us more about your resolutions in the comment below and don’t forget to share this with your friends and family.


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